The North Central Branch of the Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association Scholarship Program is designed to assist those individuals who are pursuing a career in the Public Works field. The Association believes that improving one’s knowledge in the Public Works field encompasses disciplines from inspection, construction, engineering or public administration, as well as, continuing education for career enhancement. This assistance in education promotes and ensures a continuation of the high level of skill, talent and professionalism that is the pride of every member. 
Traditionally, the American Public Works Association and its Chapters have striven for the advancement and continued development of all of the various components that make up the Public Works family. It is incumbent upon the membership of the North Central Branch to lend a helping hand to those who have chosen the public services field as their career. The Scholarship Program is an integral part of achieving this goal.
The North Central Texas Branch Chapter Scholarship Program contains three (3) categories in which scholarships will be awarded: 
1.  PRACTITIONERS:  Awarded to a full time employee who is continuing an academic program towards enhancing their professional development for public works employment opportunities or advancement. The person must be currently employed in a Public Works related field, be a member of the APWA, or employed by a professional who is a member, or an agency or company that has a group membership, be recommended by their supervisor, and not have won a similar award in the last two years. 
2.  UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM:  Awarded to a college student who has earned at least 60 credit hours, at the time of the application, through enrollment at any accredited college or university in the State of Texas, seeking an undergraduate degree in a field related to Public Works Engineering or Public Administration. The student must also have at least a GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 system and demonstrate an interest in a public works career. 
3.  GRADUATE PROGRAM:  Awarded to a person who has earned at least six credit hours and is pursuing an advanced degree in Public Works Engineering Management or Public Administration at any accredited college or university in the State of Texas. 
The actual number of scholarships awarded each year is contingent upon available funds, and will be determined by the North Central Texas Branch Board of Directors. 
The North Central Texas Branch Board of Directors will determine the number and amount of scholarships for Practitioners based on available funds. Practitioner awarded funds shall be used for professional development and technical craft training related to the public works field. 
It is anticipated that Undergraduate and Graduate scholarships will be valued at $1,000. Undergraduate and Graduate Programs awarded scholarship funds shall be used for tuition/books for classes in subjects related to public works at any accredited school in the State of Texas. 
Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship applicants shall complete the attached Scholarship Application Form and return all necessary information postmarked by May 31st.  The following schedule provides the applicant with information regarding deadlines and notifications. 
May 31st                       Complete applications and information should be postmarked or delivered 
Early June                  The Scholarship Committee will send letters acknowledging the receipt of the application 
Mid June                Winners notified 
August                       Winners attend the meeting of the North Central Texas Branch and receive recognition of the award 
There is no deadline associated with scholarships for Practitioners. Applications will be accepted at any time, will be reviewed, and a determination will be made by the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting. 
Undergraduate and Graduate Program applications will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee based on the applicants answer to the essay question, public works orientation in classes, professional society involvement, recommendation letters, application organization, and other criteria determined necessary for a thorough review. The Scholarship Committee will recommend award recipients to the North Central Texas Branch Executive Committee who will make the final decision. 
The Scholarship Program recipients will be encouraged to attend the August meeting of the North Central Texas Branch to accept the award and receive recognition. Should a recipient not be able to appear to receive the scholarship, it will be mailed. 
Practitioner Scholarships will be based on the need for funding, involvement in APWA, and potential for growth and development.
American Public Works Association
Texas Chapter - North Central Texas Branch
Scholarship Application Form 
Please type or print all information. Review your eligibility in the Scholarship Program Guidelines and check the Scholarship for which you are applying: 
UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM                GRADUATE PROGRAM                               PRACTITIONER 
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 
Address: _______________________________________________ City: ______________________ State: _____ 
Zip Code: _________ Telephone: _____________________ Email address: _______________________________ 
Current University/College: ________________________________________ Major: _______________________   
Overall GPA: _______ GPA in Major: _______ Expected Graduation Date: __________________ 
Do you live, work, or attend school in the North Central Texas area? (If ‘Yes’ provide details) _________ 
Is a member of TPWA sponsoring you? (If ‘Yes’ provide name and number) _______________________________ 
The applicant shall include the following with the application:
     1.  Cover letter with the following information
          a.  Statement of applicable employment experience, student activities, community service, etc.
          b.  Statement listing any awards, recognitions, or scholarships received
          c.  If you work during the school year please list where and average number of hours
     2.  Official transcript from the University/College
     3.  A paper, not to exceed 500 words, explaining your need for the scholarship
     4.  A paper, not to exceed 500 words, on an issue facing public works today
     5.  Provide names and phone numbers of three references (professors, supervisors, etc.) 
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 
Employer: ____________________________________________________________________________________ 
Address: ______________________________________________ City: ______________________ State: ______ 
Zip Code: _________ Telephone: _____________________ Email address: _______________________________ 
Title: _______________________________________ Years of Public Works related experience: ______________ 
Membership Number of the person or agency associated with APWA Affiliation: ____________________________ 
Supervisor’s Name/Title: ________________________________________________________________________ 
The applicant shall include the following with the application:
     1.  A copy of the brochure/flier describing the program/course with cost 
Submit Completed Application and attachments to:
(Undergraduate and Graduate Applications should be postmarked by May 31st)
Cheryl Taylor, P.E.
City of Colleyville - Engineering Division
100 Main St
Second Floor, City Hall
Colleyville, TX 76034 
Questions email: ctaylor@colleyville.com 



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